Infographic: Professional Real Estate Photographers Net More for Your Home

Wondering if using a professional real estate photographer makes a difference in your home sale revenue? Here’s a powerful infographic that illustrates the potential earnings gained by hiring a real estate photographer.

The ROI on real estate photography, exhibited below, proves that stunning home photos not only lead to increased home buyer interest, it shows that your home will sell at a higher cost than it would with less credible and underwhelming photographs.

Professional Photos Net More For Your Home
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Seasonal MLS Photographs? Yes. Holiday Décor? Not So Much.

As autumn passes through Bucks and Montgomery counties and winter arrives, Realtors and home owners need to evaluate their seasonal real estate photographs. Should you leave green, summer MLS photos posted on websites for buyers to view while trees shed their leaves or snow is falling? The answer is debatable, but there are clear benefits to updating photographs so the listing is reflective of the current season.

1. Highlight the Home, Not the Listing Age.  Home buyers and renters aren’t typically looking for real estate properties that others have overlooked or passed by; many days on the market can indicate a problem for prospects. Continue reading

Real Estate Photography: Before and After Example

Putting the importance of real estate photography into perspective with one simple example (before and after editing):

Which Victorian home would you like to buy?

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The Importance of Real Estate Photography

[By Ashlee Hall – Featured guest blog post on Michael Torres website – Montgomery County Real Estate Agent]

The Importance of Real Estate Photography – From Clicking to Closing

At least 88% of prospective home buyers use the internet as an informational resource during their real estate search ( With popular real estate syndication sites such as, and and social media networks, consumers are able to proactively find properties on their own.  It doesn’t stop at the computer. 63% of online searches result in a property walkthrough.

What do these developments mean for real estate photography? The pressure is on. Real estate agents need photography that stands out and appeals to the ultimate decision makers, home buyers.

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